Spark Tips

5 Benefits of Attending a Conference

Webinars and online training tools are replacing the idea of conferences and professional development events. That’s what they are saying, but we disagree! There is unique power in being connected to other people who are active in your line of work, through education and networking. I believe that professional development is best experienced in person and here's why.

The Earlybird Catches the Worm But...

"Should we extend the earlybird deadline?" We get asked this all the time. And I'm sorry, but the answer is, "No!" If you are finding that your marketing tactics are not drawing in registrations as fast as you hoped before the earlybird deadline, don't panic. We have some tried and true tactics that can get your registrations to that sold out scenario.

Green is the New Black

Throughout 2017, headlines about climate change agreements, carbon taxes, pending pipeline deals, emissions, natural disasters, melting ice caps and unpredictable weather patterns have dominated our headlines. As meeting and event leaders, a big part of our job is to engage and participate in conversations about how our events are impacting the environment.

Six Spring Slaughter Survival Skills

If you have been living under a rock and have not seen our #SparkBTS this past June, well let me fill you in. Spring is by far the busiest season for us at Spark. In true form, we like to affectionately call this Spring Slaughter. Spring Slaughter is a marathon, not a sprint. And a part of crossing the finish line, like any marathon, requires prep, pacing, and a few tricks of the trade…