The Power of Branding

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Just pick a type-face, slap on a bold colour, and presto you're done.


Branding is the face to your event - your big first impression. If your event branding is professional and polished, you’re also communicating that all aspects of the event will have the same attention to detail.

That savvy design, eye catching colour palette, and witty tag line are the product of an experienced team working together with the client, to ensure all aspects of the event's scope are skillfully taken into consideration.

Below is a break-down of how we take your vision, and create an event sure to be remembered.

Your Big  “Hello”!

First impressions are important, your event branding has to be clear, unified and memorable. Branding is so much more than just surface aesthetics, it’s crucial in connecting your attendees emotionally to the event by way of a consistent and authentic tagline, inviting colour palette, and memorable graphics that further reinforce the events energy and atmosphere.

There are four traits all well-branded events have in common:

  1. Unique

  2. Meaningful

  3. Authentic

  4. Consistent

Hit Repeat

Keep the message clear and cohesive, reinforcing it over and over (and over and over).

A sense of cohesion is crucial. Consistent aesthetic and conceptual harmony across all design and marketing facets creates quick familiarity and strengthens your message. From the initial design stages to the production of event elements, the branding should ring loud and clear across the campaign.

One more time… reinforce it over and over (and over and over)!

Where the Magic Happens

OK, so we don’t have any magical powers, but we sure know how to dazzle!

Immerse your attendees in a fully branded experience.

Every interaction with an attendee is an opportunity to bring your event’s brand to life. From the speakers and sponsors to the giveaways in your event swag bag, we sweat out the details and create a memorable experience that your attendees will be sure to share, and repeat.

We love branded networking BINGO and group quiz sheets! It’s the perfect way to encourage attendee interaction, and involve event topic awareness. Attendees can learn while networking, with the added bonus of having a chance to win a prize!

Work/Fun Balance

While we are diligent with our branding process, and bordering on fanatical with the consistency of the message. We are equally mindful that any event we create, is one we would want to attend - and have ton of fun creating it along the way!

If you have an event coming up drop us a line we’d love to discuss.

(Or perhaps you’ve just taken a look at your current event's branding and thought “Uh-Oh” - we can help with that too!)