Repeat Clients... Getting To Know You!


One of the things we pride ourselves on at Spark is our ability to maintain client relationships. We've never lost a client and have had the pleasure of working with most of our clients on multiple events. It is truly humbling that our clients see value in our services and keep coming back. The best part about this is that that each time we work with client on an event, it allows us to deepen our understanding of their business, which inevitably results in better events every time.

Late last year, we had the opportunity to once again work with TECTERRA. TECTERRA is a government funded organization that helps small and medium geomatics companies bring innovative solutions to market.  They do this through a variety of investment and grant programs that qualified companies can apply for. We have worked with TECTERRA in the past and we love them as a client because the are all about making an impact. This time, they came to us with the challenge of introducing the concept of geospatial standards to their Calgary partners.

One of the things that sets Spark apart is that we set aside a serious amount of time to learn about the companies, products and industries that our clients work with. Needless to say, learning these industry specifics (such as what geospatial standards are) can be time consuming, but the return is well worth the effort.  It not only allows us to broaden our horizons and learn new things, but it also allows our team to have a greater understanding our clients and their business needs.

Working alongside TECTERRA’s team, we determined that the event needed to acheive the following objectives:

  • Show attendees that geospatial standards can help a company flourish by improving their operations, client communication and their profitability.

  • Create a space that allows for networking, since encouraging networking in the geomatics industry is one of TECTERRA’s main organizational objectives.

Planning around these objectives, we were able to create a highly successful event that included the introduction of new concepts to the Calgary geomatics community.  Nothing gives our team more satisfaction than seeing an event connect people that may not have connected otherwise. This is why we love TECTERRA as a client. They always focus on creating these connections and building these communities in Calgary and the more we work with them, the more we are able to support their goals.

Working with Anh and her team at Spark always results in the production of high quality events.  With the team being both professional and personable, not only are we confident in the work that will be done, but they also make working together an enjoyable and seamless process.  The team understands our strategic goals and works with us to accomplish our objectives. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the team at Spark and towards many more great collaborations!
— Lindsay Hischebett, Former Marketing Communications Specialist, TECTERRA