Managing With a Fresh Perspective at PMINAC

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There was no shortage of vibrancy and excitement in May at the Project Management Institute Northern Alberta Chapter (PMINAC) Conference. With updated branding, a new spacious venue, and a refreshed vision for a conference experience, the Spark team partnered with one of our long-time clients to make months of creative rebranding come to life.

PMINAC is a project management association that strives to provide its members with a variety of opportunities for both career and personal growth. Their vision is to be a leader in the Northern Alberta project management community by offering their membership opportunities for education, collaboration, networking and special events.

Having worked with the PMINAC for over 8 years, our team has a strong understanding of their strategic objectives, target audience, and we have strong existing relationships with committee members and event stakeholders. This year, the PMINAC wanted to go back to the drawing board and reinvent the conference. Coupling our thorough understanding of the organization with new, creative ideas, our team was able to create a brand new conference with an aim to create an energetic, upbeat, fresh experience.

The goal was to bring new energy, innovative perspectives, a refreshed brand and a true guest experience to the event. Many professional associations that are powered by volunteers can often get drawn into the familiar, repeat branding, programming and ideas from previous years because that is “how we have always done it.” Our team challenged the PMINAC to step out of their comfort zone, take a risk and try something new.

The new event branding was fun, fresh and colourful. We incorporated into all aspects of the event including program design, venue, AV, décor and social events. The new Northlands Edmonton EXPO Centre was the perfect venue for our fresh start, with its floor to ceiling windows, which helped to keep the energy up for the two-day conference. The venue complemented the conference theme in a flawlessly executed manner.

At Spark, we love to take on challenges, be creative and think outside the box. We truly believe that if it does not feel uncomfortable, you are not growing!

With PMINAC, we stretched our imaginations, took some risks, learned some lessons and worked with the client to change, grow and reinvent the conference. It is imperative that you partner with an event management firm that understands the importance of your brand and can help you tell your story. Our team loves being able to help you discover your brand and we love, even more, being able to work with you to create an event that speaks to that brand. 

The Spark team is passionate, committed and invested in working with their clients to raise the bar. They have helped the PMI Northern Alberta Chapter take our event to the next level. They are energetic and professional and have become and integral part of our conference team.
— Dan Campbell, Former Conference Chair, PMI Northern Alberta Chapter