And a Spark is Lit...

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“From a little Spark may burst a flame”– Dante Alighieri

When people ask me what I do for a living, I say I own an event management firm. 80% of the time, it leads to discussion of weddings, confetti and the latest trends in balloon animals, but I’m used to it.

You see, it does not matter what people call me or what they imagine my job is like day to day, give me 5 minutes with them and they’ll never again utter the words “party planner”.  I know events can include things like confetti and balloon animals, but they are so much more than that. Events bring people together and when you bring people together for celebration, learning or connecting, you light a spark, a spark that can create change, shift thinking or start a movement. 

Events play a crucial role in any organization’s strategic plan. A properly executed event can generate sales leads, build client loyalty, increase employee morale, connect strategic partners or bring together a community of professionals. By working with an event management partner that understands your business, your challenges and your objectives you create so much more than an event, you create an experience, a forum for engagement and a platform for action. At Spark, we ensure that your event is strategically conceived, methodically implemented and flawlessly delivered so it aligns with your organization’s long term growth strategies.

We are not party planners. We are event management partners and after realizing that there is a complete lack of business acumen in the event management field, I coupled my passion and education in commerce with my event management experience to create Spark Events.

Spark Events is the culmination of the many lessons I have learned throughout my career.  I have had many event planning jobs, and there were some great triumphs and some great failures. I have worked with great teams and great leaders, and lousy teams with lousy leaders. I have had the fire inside of me close to burning out a few times, because I promise you, this is not always a fun or high paying gig. However, I have never quit because the one constant for me throughout all of this is my belief that events can create change and do good, and now, my spark is lit again.